What is GIN?

GIN nurtures and mobilizes transgenerational communities of global citizens to build an equitable and sustainable world.

The Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference empowers young people to develop sustainable solutions to address global problems and to implement their ideas with the support of the network. The key ideas are based on the book, High Noon- 20 Global Problems, 20 years to Solve Them by Jean Francois Rischard.

"I strongly believe that it will take the combination of a new method of global problem solving and a new mindset …. Schools have a pressing responsibility in this regard to expose the next generations more systematically to these global problems and to help develop the new mindset that is needed --- the 'global citizens first' mindset… tomorrow’s generations must develop a networking-oriented mindset if they are going to solve the burning global problems that stare us in the face.” - Jean Francois Rischard

GIN Conferences focus around the 20 Global Issues:

Sharing our planet: Issues involving the global commons

  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses
  • Fisheries Depletion
  • Deforestation
  • Water Deficits
  • Maritime Safety and Pollution

Sharing our humanity: Issues requiring a global commitment

  • Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty
  • Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention, Combating Terrorism
  • Education for All
  • Global Infectious Diseases
  • Digital Divide
  • Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Sharing our rule book: Issues needing a global regulatory approach

  • Reinventing Taxation for the Twenty-First Century
  • Biotechnology Rules
  • Global Financial Architecture
  • Illegal drugs
  • Trade, Investment, and Competition Rules
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • E-commerce Rules
  • International Labor and Migration Rules