Updated WEG Announcement:

Over the past month, we have been coordinating with our contacts at the Bureau of Immigration, here in Manila, to request a WEG exemption for students traveling to Manila for the MS GIN Conference. As many of you are probably aware by now, securing the WEG is a process which varies from embassy to embassy and requires a significant amount of documentation. International School Manila is pleased to report the following important update:

  • The Bureau of Immigration has stated that if we have the following information for ALL students attending the conference by Tuesday, March 12th, they will support us by reducing the required documentation and will also consider waiving the individual WEG fee of 3,102 pesos. (The waiving of the fee will only be confirmed after the Bureau of Immigration has received and reviewed all the requested documentation.)
  • In order to facilitate this process, we need all participating schools to do the following no later than Friday, March 8th at 12:00 noon Manila time.

Each student under the age of 15 will need to submit:

  1. The completed the Affidavit of Consent Form. This needs to be NOTARIZED at the closest Philippine Embassy.
  2. A photocopy of the bio-page of the passport for the said minor.
  3. A photocopy of the bio-page of the passport of either parent who has parental authority over the traveling minor.

The Bureau of Immigration is requesting a spreadsheet which provides a summary of this information for all students under 15 who are attending the conference. ISM has created a spreadsheet using Google Drive and a member of our team will be sharing a folder with each school’s designated chaperone. This will be emailed on Friday, February 22nd to schools who are already registered and will be sent to schools on Monday, March 4th if they register between now and the March 1st deadline.

ISM will need time to check and collate the documents so the March 8th deadline at 12:00 noon is a hard deadline. School’s who fail to meet this deadline will have to follow the WEG process as dictated by their local Philippine Embassy. ISM will process the documents on the afternoon of March 8th and on Monday, March 11th before submitting them in person to our contacts at the Bureau of Immigration.