WEG for Students Under the Age of 15

One extra piece of paper work you should be aware of if travelling with students under the age of 15 is that they will require a Waiver for Exclusion Ground (WEG) to enter the Philippines. Whoever handles travel paperwork, such as visas, at your school should be made aware of this. WEGs are issued by the Philippine Embassy in your country. The way each embassy approaches it can be a little different so please contact your closest Philippine Embassy to find out exactly what they want. In some countries, a travel rep can process this, but in others the parents will need to go in person to the embassy. Also, some ask for prepayment while others get you to prepare documentation and then pay at the border. There can be substantial delays for your group at immigration and a risk of being turned away at the border if this is not completed correctly. For more details, visit the Philippine Immigration Website.

*ENDED* Regular Registration

January 1 - March 1

$200 USD per student/chaperone

*ENDED* Early Bird Registration

November 26 - December 31

$170 USD per student/chaperone